BCN Innova

R&D Projects. Medical solutions in artificial vision

The value of BcnInnova

BcnInnova is the only company in Spain (and one of few in Europe) that brings together the following four factors:

  • Experts in computer vision
  • Experience in innovation management
  • Focus on health
  • Proven success

These are the main reasons to trust in us. Together we can undertake important projects and help to achieve an advance in medical science.

Types of artificial vision projects

We develop solutions in the technology of artificial vision aimed exclusively at the medical sector as a complement and an improvement on current technologies. The target areas are:

  • Diagnosis support
  • Measurement of biological dimensions
  • Sample analysis
  • Exploration of all pathological types

Projects that meet your requirements

Our projects are characterized by:

  • Personally developed and in accordance with any software technology in artificial vision.
  • Vision technology often manages compensate for limitations in traditional exploration and diagnosis systems. More information and is obtained and with more precision.
  • Frequently artificial vision manages to advance in quality and security when obtaining data. Also in an empirically quantified and contrasted manner.
  • The process of innovation management is aimed at developing technology that doctors need, not that the technologist wishes to develop. This is its specific, day to day, objective.
  • The end of the project does not mean the end of the work. The software developed needs to be managed and the changes in configuration made through permanent updates.

Realistic projects

In BcnInnova we assess and quantify, without any obligation, the possibilities of undertaking a project, as well as the terms of completion, development, costs and possibilities for financing its undertaking, start-up and commercialization.

An example of a project in Medical Artificial Vision: Computational map of the human hippocampus by means of magnetic resonance

By constructing a map of a patient's cerebral hippocampus, we can observe if certain specific changes take place that indicate signs of certain neurological diseases such as alzheimers, E. Pick, CGS…

This technique consists in segmenting, for every resonance, the regions and layers of the hippocampus in question, and being able to construct a map of it, definitively, knowing its layout and being able to reconstruct it in 3D.

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