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Ocular Motility Community

What is it?


Ocular Motility Tracking is a new technology unknown to a lot of people. This new technology could provide huge beneffits to Doctors and is also really easy to use.

Just take the first step and GazeLab will help you to improve your treatments and become a better doctor.

Join our community to share your knowledge, ask for support, and help each others to grow together.


Researching Together


GazeLab is a powerful research tool. bcninnova has put at the disposal of researchers a number of testing devices to undertake their studies.

Just email us explaining what your research proposals are and we will contact you to lend you a device. We should be able to reach an agreement.


Is GazeLab interesting for me?

GazeLab is the first device that provides a wide range of doctors with this new easy to use technology.

Researchers are empowered by GazeLab due to his:

  • Powerful functionalities,
  • High precision,
  • Provision of new data.

GazeLab enables medical researchers to develop new scientific knowledge.

Clinical Doctors obtain other complementary benefits. Objective, Accurate and Documented measurements. These:

  • Helps you to diagnose and improve your treatments,
  • Allow you to track the evolution of your patients,
  • Relieve you and assure your correct practices

bcninnova wants to reach the maximum number of doctors in the minimum time. We want to deploy the technology worldwide in order to extend its benefits to all doctors. And from the doctors to the patients.

We are a researcher company. We work for the health of mankind. We are not only motivated by business.

Just contact us and start running GazeLab.

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