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ScreeKids - Introduction

What is ScreenKids?

Today, there are some standrd pediatrics test for babies and young kids, that being useful, are not widelly extended due to its complexity. The Digitization is a great tool for simplification and make the job easier.

   Preferential Look: The attention of the Baby is caught with funny videos and colourfull images in a 50 inch screen that cover all his visual field. The cameras film its face and the Augmented Reality Support helps the explorer to identify if the Kid has looked the Card, in a recorded and comfortable way. Finally a report with charts and images is created.

   Campimetry for Kids: A simplfied Campimetry for Kids from 1 year. The Kid sits ober his parent (calmed and confortable) and looking to videos and images the tester can identify easily the visual field being suported by the software with artificial intelligence.

   Strabismus Screening: Measure strabismus in Kids is very important but also very difficult. With ScreenKids you can screen easily and quickly the ocular deviation in the 9 Gaze Positions in Babies.

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