Nistagmaris - Nystagmus Analyzer
Nistagmaris - Introduction

What is Nistagmaris?

Nistagmaris is a medical device equipped with 2 infrared cameras and an image recognition and eyetracking software for the measurement of ocular motility. This device analyzes Nystagmus and other related pathologies. Measurements in any gaze position. Records video, takes photo and graphic plots. Results in PDF report with graphic plots and measurements. You can analyze all kind of Nystagmus. You could measure Horizontal, vertical, rotational, jerk, pendular, latent, manifest, disociated, alternate, null point. It's quick, easy and reliable.

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Nistagmaris - Videos

Jerking Nystagmus

High Intensity Nystagmus

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Pendular Nystagmus

Other Nystagmus