BCN Innova




Assist Ophthalmologists in developing, manufacturing and commercializing new "diagnosis support devices" that measures the Ocular Motility using computer vision technologies and other engineering disciplines.




GazeLab will become the standard measurement system for strabismus, pupil dynamics, and nystagmus as well as for other measurements that we will develop in the future.


Guiding Principles


bcninnova has its own soul. Our common values - shared by all those people who are part of the company - are:

  • We develop technology for the health of mankind.
  • We make top quality devices at adjusted Costs.
  • We are a research company.
  • We are an efficient company.
  • We are not only motivated by the profit motif.



As the person responsible for the Ophthalmology Department at the Pediatric Hospital of Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona (one of the largest of its kind in Europe), Dr. Joan Prat is perfectly aware of the limitations of the technology available for ophthalmologists.

For this reason, in 2006, he started a project to develop a new measurement system for strabismus.

The project underwent numerous problems and difficulties, but thanks to the impetus and determination of those working on it, it was possible to set up the company bcninnova.



  • European Strabismological Association (Helsinki-Finland)  5-8 June
  • Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Estabismos y Oftalmologia pediátrica (Burgos-Spain)  9-11 May


  • Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Estabismos y Oftalmologia pediátrica (Tarragona-Spain)  9-11 May


  • XXI CLADE (Buenos Aires-Argentina) 25-28 Oct


  • Congreso Nacional de Optometria y Oftalmologia pediátrica (Barcelona-Spain)  7-8 October
  • Strabomania (Aubrach-France)  2 June
  • Société Française d'Ophtalmologie
    9 May
  • Congreso Español de Estrabologia
    20 April


  • Journée Montpelliéraire d'Ophtalmologie
    5 Nobember
  • IMO: Estrabismo del adulto y el niño con baja visión (Barcelona)
    21-22 October
  • AIMO (Roma)
    20-21 October
  • IOC - Internation Orthoptic Congress (Rotterdam)
    27-30 June
  • SFO (Paris)
    07-10 May
  • AAD (Düsseldorf)
    14-18 March



  • SAO Congress in Argel
    26-28 november
  • SFO

  • 31º Journée Montpelliéraine d'Ophtalmologie
    7 november 2015
  • 31º StraboLyon
    6 november 2015
  • 31º ESA Congress in Venice
    1-4 october 2015
  • 31º AFSOP Congress in Charmey
    18-19 september 2015
  • 31º WSPOS in Barcelona
    4-6 september 2015
  • SFO


  • 31º Congresso Nazionale SIOP in Rome
    26-27 june 2015
  • SFO Meeting in Paris
    9-12 may 2015
  • SFO

  • Clinical Session at Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology
    28 january 2015
  • Clinical Session at Linkoping University Hospital
    15 january 2015


  • EPOS Annual Meeting in Barcelona
    6-8 november 2014
  • APGC-ISOHK Congress in Hong Kong
    26-28 september 2014
  • White Nights Congress in St Petersburg
    26-30 may 2014
  • SFO Meeting in Paris
    11-14 may 2014
  • SFO

  • Miesc Meeting in Switzerland
    1-3 may 2014
  • AAPOS Annual Meeting in Palm Springs
    2-6 april 2014

  • DOS Conference in Denmark
    7-9 march 2014


  • "Congrés de la Societat Catalana d'Oftalmologia" in Barcelona
    28-30 november 2013
  • RCOPT Meeting in Thailand
    30 october - 1 november 2013
  • Filtech Enterprise Team

  • 39th Meeting of the European Paediatric Ophthalmological Society in Leiden
    11-12 october 2013
  • 36th Meeting of the European Strabismological Association in Marseille
    4-7 september 2013
  • Dr. Joan Prat

    Dr. Joan Prat

  • AAPOS & SNEC Meeting in Singapore
    14-16 july 2013
  • Dr. Joan Prat

  • bcninnova obtained the authorization for product commercialisation from AEMPS (Spanish Government)
    january 2013


  • bcninnova obtained the ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO13485 (Medical Devices) Certifications and the CE Mark for the medical market
    december 2012
  • The Study for Ocular Rotation was presented at the WCPOS in Milan
    september 2012
  • bcninnova obtained the financial support of the Spanish government from the Organizations ENISA and CDTI
    july 2012
  • bcninnova obtained the financial support of the Catalan government and EU from the Organization ICF
    july 2012
  • The Rotations Software module was released
    March 2012


  • The fisrt study for Vertical Strabismus was presented in EPOS in Thessaloniki
    september 2011
  • Pupile and Nystagmus Software module was released
    march 2011
  • First GazeLab was produced in the Hospital of Sant Joan de Déu
    january 2011


  • bcninnova increases its capital with the introduction of an investment partner
    november 2010
  • Interview about the Digmo project, currently known as GazeLab, was broadcasted on the Catalan public television (Tv3) lunchtime news program
    june 2010
  • bcninnova is selected to participate in the EOI-APTE project of the Ministry of Science and Innovation
    may 2010
  • bcninnova appears in the newspaper Expansión as an innovative project
    march 2013


  • bcninnova obtains the support of ACC10 (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) to be selected for the program “New tecnological company” obtaining an important loan to launch its activities
    september 2009
  • Digmo appears in the newspaper "El Periodico de Cataluña"
    september 2009
  • bcninnova is selected by the program BioEmprendedor XXI
    april 2009


  • bcninnova obtains finance from the ACC10 GENESI program (Autonomous Government of Catalonia)
    april 2008
  • The project appears in La Vanguardia newspaper
    april 2008
  • bcninnova is created
    february 2008


Dr. Joan Prat




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