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All in one ocular biomechanics

GazeLab is the only all in one medical device that measures different parameters of the ocular motilitity. Focused for both Doctors and Researchers, GazeLab is authorized to medical market, and manufactured with a high quality production system certified under ISO9001(Quality Management) and ISO13485 (Medical Devices). GazeLab provides you:

  • VideoOculoGraphy - Eye deviation measurement – Strabismus & Ocular motility field limits
  • VideoNystagmoGraphy – Nystagmus diagnosis support, Vestibulometry…
  • VideoPupilloGraphy – Useful for Neurophtalmology, eye nervous response…
  • And soon, Eyelid dynamic.

GazeLab helps you to be more successful in diagnosis, surgeries and treatments.

For more information go to GazeLab section.

Medical solutions in artificial vision

Taking advantage of our ample experience in developing visual applications by computer, in innovation management and in the health sector, we carry out development projects for medical diagnosis support systems and measurement to satisfy needs not yet covered.

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