Ocular Motility Control for Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus, Neurology and Mental Health.

All-in-one ocular biomechanics

GazeLab provide objective and precise measurements in an easy and quick way.

VideoOculoGraphy - Eye deviation measurement – All kind of Strabismus, Oculomotor Palsy and Phorias.

VideoNystagmoGraphy - Nystagmus diagnosis support and Vestibulometry.

VideoPupilloGraphy - Useful for Neurophtalmology and Neurology.

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Digitized Pediatrics Tests

Some Pediatrics Test are hard to be done. Its digitization make them easy and gives you valuable information.

Preferential Look - Visual Accuity Test for Kids. Digitization make it Easy and Quick!

Campimetry for Kids - The system caught the atention of the kids with videos and Colorfull Images, and the cameras detects where if the Kid is lookong to the presented stimulus.

Strabismus Screening - Thake the deviation of the 9 gaze position in babies.

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